UK Distributor for Charmossas Barcelona

Combining stunning design with supreme comfort, Charmossas draw inspiration from breathtaking Barcelona sunsets, the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea and rolling fields of fragrant violets in Spring time.  The diverse and striking use of a wide range of colours is one of the unique selling points of this beautiful range. Charmossas frames embody the passion, personality and diversity of their individual.

Charmossas comes from the Portuguese Brasilian “charmosa”, which means: charming, lovely, quality, enchanting, delightful, elegant, pretty, exquisite, delicious, sexy, provocative, sensual and that’s what we want our frames to represent.

Already Charmossas is a huge hit in over 20 countries, capturing the eye of opticians and their customers in a very short amount of time.  Sold in Australia, USA, Germany, Italy and France to name but a few,

Soul Identity is an exciting new UK distributor in eyewear and is pleased to represent Charmossas Eyewear of Barcelona.  We are a young dynamic, customer focused company willing to go the extra mile, love working with independents and we are super flexible.

For more information about us or the brand please email us or contact 020 8819 5516.

We are looking for sales agents across UK.



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